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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the audience play murder suspects?

Yes! In our shows, we give the best characters to you. Those who want to play a role, often get to play characters. There's no preparation or skill needed, and no way to mess it up.

Hellcat Killers!:  1950s

A prison gang of bad biker girls. The leader's boyfriend is mysteriously murdered on a conjugal visit, and even the Warden had a motive!

Guests can play trash-talking biker gals, like classic cult films and B-movies from the '50s. It's  a fun and slightly less PG show, great for bachelorette groups!

Killer Theater are the most experienced murder mystery writers and performers in the Gulf South.

About Us

An Outrage at Bayou Micheaux:
   1880s Louisiana

A prominent marriage between two rival planter dynasties is disrupted when the family heirloom wedding ring is stolen! Nearly everyone has a motive for not wanting the wedding to take place -- even the bride and groom?

This is our most family-friendly offering -- there isn't even a murder, guests solve a theft! It's a good show for families and special events.

Play the Villain

At our shows, almost every character guests play is a bad, bad villain. There are great roles for all genders, no "dumb blonde" tropes, etc.

New Orleans History or Pop Culture Themes

Our shows do NOT feature a hokey gumshoe character with a magnifying glass. Our shows include 1920s and masquerade themes, but also add an extra layer by including real New Orleans historical characters, or fun B-movie themes, that guests really get into.

Customized for our Guests

National murder mystery companies take guests' orders for customization, but don't deliver a truly customized product. We have customization at all levels -- from common requests we can customize at no cost, to writing shows from scratch! Guests have all been thrilled with the results!

Our Philosophy

At Killer Theater, 

Why not take the same historical content on tours, and have multiple characters, and an interactive format?

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