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RSVP: Sat., August 20th

You're an incredible human being. Please accept up to 4 totally free tickets for this special (slightly rescheduled due to Covid) opening event. RSVP to claim your tickets!








If you have additional guests who'd like to attend, you can purchase tickets tight here ('GET TICKETS' below), or through our website,

Storyville Murder Mystery

It's 1911 in Storyville, the infamous red light district of marble-and-mahogany palaces, and millionaire madams.

A prominent madam is found dead... and all her rivals had a motive in her murder. Selected guests play roles of real shady figures from New Orleans history: famous madams, corrupt officials, and other characters from the Crescent City's shady past.

Work in teams to try and solve a murder, or just sit back and enjoy 
some laughs, outrageous history, and a fun Frenchmen St. venue, The Maison. Whether you've seen a typical murder mystery or not, you'll have a great time, and take home a piece of New Orleans you won't forget!

2 Hours 15 Minutes

Saturdays @ 6pm
Special Grand Re-Opening: August 20th

(food NOT available at this event)

The Mystery of the Murdered Madam

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