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What is the game?

It's a social game, your group gathers information by talking to murder suspects, some played by guests like yourselves. It's NOT like some mysteries where there's an impossible twist and you can't solve it. You CAN solve it, but there's typically too much information and too many suspects for one person to cover the ground. So, it tests your team's ability to work together.

There are optional puzzles and clues you can figure out at your own pace, or just sit back and enjoy.


Do I Have to Speak Publicly?

Although not everyone can or has to play a murder suspect, it mostly involves talking "offstage" with others one on one, and just a few "lines". Once you see how everyone in the room is saying ridiculous things and having fun, you'll see it's no big deal.

How Much Does it Cost?

Tickets are $30 for public shows. There is no set price for a private show, but we can quickly get back to you with a quote for yours! Each event and venue has unique personnel and equipment needs.

Do I Have to Play?

While you can simply sit and watch, interacting with characters the audience plays is the fun of the experience. If you don't talk to anyone, you'll still enjoy some laughs, but you won't have any idea who committed the murder.

Why isThe Murdered Madam ages 18+?

Our venue is a bar, and the show takes place in an elite 1911 brothel. There is some sexual humor.


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