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Want a unique event for your friends and family? Or an immersive team building experience that will bring your whole group together? Tell us what you're plotting!





Jazz Age
New Orleans

Visit Storyville, New Orleans' infamous red light district, in 1911. A famous madam is murdered, and everyone's a suspect. Guests play real famous figures from the shady side of New Orleans history, and even search a crime scene model & photos. Some sexual humor, 18+ or parents approval recommended.


Jane Austen

A hilarious twist on Jane Austen characters, set on an English estate that everyone is scheming to inherit. Guests solve a murder and perhaps do a little precocious match-making along the way. Even non-Austen fans will have a blast.


1960s Spies

A glamorous casino on the Mediterranean sea, the playground of wealthy elites, is the backdrop for this 1960s spy mystery. Guests may play spies, mad geniuses, and strange henchmen they'll recognize from their favorite B-movies! It's a great theme for all types of events.

Hellcat Killers.jpg

1950s Girl Gang

A 1950s murder mystery about a gang of bad biker girls in prison. The leader's boyfriend is mysteriously murdered, and even the Warden had a motive! Guests can play trash-talking biker gals, like classic cult films and B-movies from the '50s. It's a fun and campy show.


1800s Louisiana

A prominent wedding between two rival planter dynasties is disrupted by the theft of the wedding ring, a priceless family heirloom. A genius sleuth from London is called in to solve the case. Our most family-friendly mystery game, guests solve a mysterious theft instead of a murder. This show features more puzzles and games that younger audiences can play.

Custom Shows

Want a show about something else? We can tailor the themes to your event, or write a fully customized script for your show! This is our specialty, and guests have loved the shows we've written for them.


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